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CICFP澳门分会: 金牌理财顾问团队比赛
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Jiangxi University of Finance & Economics | HKUST FYT Graduate School | European University | Palawan State University | AHLA | AIX SP
Member Area
Members of CICFP can apply name cards and also book the conference rooms at CICFP SAR offices which are located in Hong Kong,Macau and Shenzhen...
Certified Tax Management Auditor
Registration tax Manager (Certified Tax Manage Auditor name: CTMA) was introduced by the China Institute of certified financial planners engaged in financial and taxation management and professional...
Enterprise Financial Planner
Financial Planner registered enterprises (Enterprise Financial Planner, known as EFP) certification is currently the qualification certificates of the enterprises apply for top financial executives, represents not only the business...
International Certified Financial Planner
LOMA-international finance and Insurance Management Association, founded in 1924, is the international organization of insurance and financial services institutions, member companies in the insurance and financial services industry partners...
Certified Financial Planner
Registered financial planners CFP (Certified Financial Planner) qualification was identified by the China Association of CFP a highest level of membership. Application for the qualification must meet education, examination, experience, ethics in four ... ...
AFP Assistant Financial Planner
State Institute of certified financial planners (CICFP) financial planning standards Council according to the social situation and changes in the demand for financial professionals seriously do the financial planning needs of research analysis, to relocated the post ... ...
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  CICFP SAR      
Shenzhen Office Hong Kong Headquarter Macau Office - AES
Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone Guihua Lu Jiafu Plaza A, Room 25P
(Four Points by Sheraton)
Tel: (0755) 83023956

Guangzhou Office
Hao Yin Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Hui Tak Commercial Building, Room 505
Tel: (86) 020 8320 8040
Unit A, 9/F, Loong Wan Building, 8 North Point Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 3598 5020

Guangzhou 2nd Office
Room 2403, Yi An Plaza , 33 Jianshe Road 6th, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou GD China
Tel: (86) 020 8363 3307
Rua Do Campo 78, China Construction Commercial Building 19/F, Macao
Tel: (853) 28211567

Beijing Office
Room 305,LingLongTianDi Building A,No.160,West Fourth Ring Road N. Haidian District, Beijing
Tel: (86)10 8811 8426
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